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Remote Deposit

Check deposits made using Remote Deposit are subject to verification and will generally be available for withdrawal within two business days.

Once you reach the screen showing "Deposit Pending," the system has accepted your deposit. Next, the remote deposit administrator will review your deposit and accept or deny it. You will not receive notification of this decision. You can review the status of your deposit in Online and Mobile Banking1.

Deposits received on weekends, federal holidays, and after 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday are processed the following business day.

Once your check image has been credited to your account, you must retain the original check for sixty days. You may not present the original check or any image or substitute check created from the original check for payment at any other financial institution. During this 60-day period, you must store the original paper check securely and you must make the original paper check available to us for review at any time and as necessary for us to facilitate the clearing and collection process, to address third party claims, or for our own audit purposes.

You are not limited to the number of deposits you can make using Remote Deposit. However, there are daily and per item limits on the deposit amounts that can be processed per user. Members cannot deposit more than:

  • $7,500 per item.
  • $7,500 per day.
Financial Assistance
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