Kids Savings

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Designed for Kids

Want to teach that special child how to save while they are young?

Our Kids Savings* savings account is designed for children 12 and younger. It is the perfect way for parents, guardians or grandparents to introduce the value of saving.

  • Convenience – We send an official Kids Savings account statement every quarter so your child can see how his or her money is growing
  • Dividends – Earn dividends on as little as $5
  • Financial Education – Your child also receives a fun and informative quarterly newsletter that teaches the value of saving
  • Fun – Kids Savings members can participate in contests and are eligible to win prizes

To open a Kids Savings account, you need:

  • A qualified adult joint owner
  • Tax Identification Number with proper ID for the child (social security card or military ID)
  • Opening deposit of $5

*Reg D limits apply