We are geared up to help you find and finance your first car.
Setting a budget
Let us figure out how much you can afford on a monthly basis. 
Deciding on a ride
How do you plan to use your vehicle? Knowing will help you pick the right car, truck, or SUV.
Obtaining financing
We make it easy for you to secure the loan you need.
Why choose us
We offer low rates, flexible loan terms, and other financial advantages.

You will always remember your first set of wheels.

And at South Carolina Federal Credit Union, we hope you remember our simplified financing process in the same positive light. We are passionate about exceeding your expectations as we guide you through this exciting experience. To help you get started, we offer a how-to guide for first-time car buyers.
Setting a Budget
Unless you plan to purchase your car with cash, you will need a loan. Before applying for one, it is important to establish a budget. A good starting point is having enough savings for a 20% down payment and then being able to dedicate 20% of your monthly take-home pay to your car payment.
Obtaining Financing
After determining your budget, you are ready to begin exploring financing options. Even if you have little to no credit, we offer low rates1, payment deferment for the first 90 days2, and an excellent means to establish your credit history. Our prequalification process will get you on your way.
Choosing and Finding a Car
Everyone’s needs are different, so basing your vehicle choice on functionality is key. Here are some questions to keep in mind that can help determine the type of car that best fits your needs:
  • How many passengers will you typically have?
  • What type of driving do you do: highway, off-road, surface streets?
  • Is fuel economy important because you have a long commute?
  • What safety features are important to you?
  • How much cargo space do you need?
  • Do you prefer new or used?
  • Do you need auto insurance for your teen driver? Check out the Parent Portal to learn more.
Completing the Transaction
When you have found your right car, the next step is to talk numbers. If you decided to get prequalified for an auto loan from South Carolina Federal, you will be able to tell the dealer exactly what you can spend and that will leave little room for them to try to upsell items that you may not need. If the conversation leads to a negotiation, stay firm on what you can spend and ask for the full purchase price breakdown of the car - as there may be hidden fees, including car preparation or delivery fees.

As the paperwork process begins, be sure to review all of it thoroughly, ask questions about anything you do not understand and keep copies for yourself. After it is all said and done, once those keys are in your hands, you will officially be a car owner. Congratulations!


New* APR3
0 - 63 Months (As low as)6.74%6.99%7.49%
64 - 75 Months (As low as)6.74%7.74%7.99%
76 - 84 Months (As low as) 7.49%8.24%8.49%


Used APR3
0 - 63 Months (As low as)7.24%7.49%7.99%
64 - 75 Months (As low as)7.24%8.24%8.49%
76 - 84 Months (As low as)7.99%8.74%8.99%
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A payoff quote is available for all loans and will include accrued interest and the daily per diem.
To obtain today's payoff or a 10 business day payoff quote for auto, boat, recreational vehicle, credit cards, or personal loans, visit a financial center or contact us. Any overage of your payoff will be deposited into your savings account or returned to you in an overpayment check.

For first mortgages, please contact Dovenmuehle at (877) 636-9534.

For second mortgages/HELOCs, please visit a financial center or fax your payoff request to our Fulfillment Operations Team at (843) 737-7400. The request must include:

  • Member name
  • Member Social Security number
  • Account number
  • Payoff (good through) date
  • Return fax number
  • Copy of a signed authorization of release form from member requesting this information.

Once payoff is given, Second Mortgage/HELOC will be locked and no advances can be taken.

Loan payment due dates are generally 30-45 days from the loan closing date. The payment due date is notated in your loan documents and agreed upon before disbursement of your loan. Due dates and loan payment amounts can also be viewed through Online Banking, Mobile Banking or statements.

Click here to learn more about how to make a payment online.

If you would like to make short term payment arrangements, you may also contact our Loss Prevention Team at (843) 569-5045 or (800) 845-0349.

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