Auto Dealerships

Buying from a dealer? Choose South Carolina Federal Credit Union financing on the spot.

You negotiated a good deal on your vehicle. Now get the best auto loan.

Your loan is as important as your vehicle. Secure the type of rate and budget-friendly terms that come standard with a loan from us. Simply tell the dealership you want to finance through South Carolina Federal Credit Union. Instead of the surprises from other lenders, you enjoy peace of mind.
  • Finish your financing paperwork at the dealership, no need to visit the credit union.
  • Lock in a low rate for the most affordable payments.
  • Get a complimentary, no-obligation quote for auto insurance through South Carolina Federal Insurance Solutions.*
  • Don't forget about GAP protection and mechanical breakdown warranties.**
Get your South Carolina Federal Credit Union loan at the dealership. It's a simple process.
Step 1
Ask your dealer for financing from us.
Step 2
Complete your application at the dealership.
Step 3
Once you're approved, drive away with the right car and right loan!
Appropriate coverage provides peace of mind.
Explore insurance solutions for your property, auto, personal, health, and business needs.