South Carolina Federal's Insurance Subsidiary Opens New Office in Seneca

N. Charleston, S.C. – 10/15/2020
South Carolina Federal Credit Union's wholly owned subsidiary, SCF Solutions, LLC*, has opened a new Insurance Solutions office at 1598 Sandifer Blvd., Unit F, in Seneca, South Carolina.

Insurance Advisors Cyndi Lay-Russell and Melissa Rhodes are based in Seneca, and help clients find the right insurance policies at the best value for their family's unique needs. Lay-Russell and Rhodes can assist with a variety of insurance needs including life, homeowners, auto, flood, business, and even health insurance.

"Insurance is a vital part of financial health, but many folks are not aware what their policies cover or if they have the right insurance for their family," said Bonnie Ciuffo, President of SCF Solutions. "Our goal is to make sure that your insurance policies cover your family's unique needs while also giving you the best value."

For families who aren't sure what their specific needs are, the advisors at Insurance Solutions can help. After uncovering clients' needs for nearly 10 years, the Insurance Solutions advisors identified a challenge that parents often feel unprepared for: their teenagers becoming licensed drivers. To help parents navigate this milestone, Insurance Solutions created a Teen Driver Parent Portal with answers to common questions and tips on how to keep their first-time drivers protected behind the wheel. 

Visit to learn how Insurance Solutions can help you protect what matters. To schedule an appointment to meet with an insurance advisor, call 864-886-8786.