10th Annual Competition: Winners

Awarding $50,000 in Scholarships

Thank you to all of the outstanding students who applied!

We are excited to announce the winners of the 2020 South Carolina Federal Credit Union Scholarship Competition!

Drumroll, please...

Traditional College/University Winners

Amber Tu

1st Place: $12,000

Jordan Fowler

2nd Place: $9,000

Kathryn Liberstein

3rd Place: $5,000

Jody Bell

Honorable Mention: $2,500

Mary-Margaret Futch

Honorable Mention: $2,500

Casey Norei Funderburk

Honorable Mention: $2,500

Specialized/Technical College Winners

Logan Knutson

1st Place: $5,000

Kimberly Kovacich

2nd Place: $4,000

Joshua Torrence

3rd Place: $3,000

Muskaan Makkar

Honorable Mention: $1,500

Na'Kiyah Smith

Honorable Mention: $1,500

Kimberlyn Masters

Honorable Mention: $1,500