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Credit and debt is part of almost everyone’s financial life and needs to be managed effectively. Avoiding costly mistakes and learning how to borrow wisely will help your financial future. Or if you have made a few mistakes along the way, find out how and how long it may take you to get back on track.

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FICO vs. VantageScore: What's the Difference?

Your credit score is in many cases the most influential factor in a lender's decision to grant you credit and at what rate. The higher the score, the less you'll pay for the use of someone else's money. Although the most widely used credit model is the FICO (named for the score's developer, Fair Isaac Corporation), there's another score for sale--the VantageScore.

Article: Manage Your Credit Cards Better

Under the pressure of job insecurity and widespread unemployment, U.S. consumers have actually reduced their collective credit card debt. But total U.S. credit card debt still exceeds $888 billion.

Article: When a 'Free' Credit Report Is Not Really Free

Don't be fooled by online scams claiming to give free credit reports.