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Fixed-Rate Mortgage

Fixed principal and interest payments over the loan's term, helping you budget accurately each month.

  • If you are planning on living in your home for 10 years or more.
Adjustable-Rate Mortgage

With a lower initial interest rate for a specific period of time, you can save money.

  • Consider this loan if you plan on being in your home fewer than 10 years.
Jumbo Loans

This loan option may be right for those looking to finance more than $766,550.

  • Beneficial for accessing funds that exceed conventional financing limits. 
Lot Loans
Our Lot Loan program provides funds for purchasing a vacant residential lot to build your next home.
Construction Permanent Loans
For homebuyers who are looking to build their next home and already have a lot. This loan helps with the building process and provides permanent financing.
  • Our construction permanent loan offers you a 12 month construction draw period.

Mortgage Calculators

Figure out how much you can put away to start saving for a down payment on your home.
Use this calculator to determine the home price and monthly housing cost you can afford.
Calculate how much you could reduce your monthly and total loan payments if you refinance your mortgage.
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I have worked with South Carolina Federal Credit Union for my last five mortgages, including purchases and refinancing. Every time I have used them, the experience has been remarkably smooth. They go the extra mile to provide service that is truly world-class.
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- Adam L.
I'd always heard that getting a mortgage was a long, frustrating and confusing process. The team at South Carolina Federal made it easy and stress-free, which is why I recommend them often.
- Ross H.

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