Personal Security

Ensuring your financial security in the online age.

Keeping you and your money safe is one of South Carolina Federal’s top priorities. Whether you are concerned about online security or steps you can take to keep your money safe, you'll find help here. We'll cover tips for ways to avoid identity theft, visiting the ATM, and how to report cyber crime and more.



Article: What Personal Documents Do You Shred and When to Dispose of Them

Safeguard your identity by shredding your personal documents. Learn about what documents to shred and when to dispose of them.

Article: Identity Theft Occurs Every 2.7 Seconds

Precautionary steps to protect your good name.

Article: ATM Safety Tips

Check out some safety tips to help keep you and your money safe while using an automated teller machines (ATMs).

Article: Safeguarding Your Password

Helpful tips to safeguard your password.

Article: Frauds and Scams

Be on the alert. Stay informed.

Article: Prevent Identity Theft

Here are a few basic steps you can take to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft and pretext calling.

Article: Common Wire Transfer Scams

Protect yourself from fraud.