South Carolina Federal Sponsors World's Largest All-Inclusive Park

At South Carolina Federal, we believe in fostering communities where everyone thrives, and that is why we are thrilled to sponsor the world's largest all-inclusive playground in Park Circle! This monumental project, driven by Mayor Summey and City Council's leadership, embodies inclusivity to the fullest.

Construction on the park began in September of 2022, and it officially opened in November of 2023 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate. This redeveloped space, which is situated in the middle of a busy roundabout in the heart of North Charleston, houses classrooms, flexible event spaces, resident studios, and meeting rooms, all thoughtfully designed to support diverse activities and learning experiences for everyone.

The expansive 55,000-square-foot playground was created to welcome people of all ages and abilities, and features over 150 activities for them to enjoy. Children of all abilities, whether autism or Down syndrome, physical, sight or hearing impairments, and more, will enjoy this space, which has been intentionally tailored to suit many different needs and interests.

One of the park's most remarkable features is the abundance of wheelchair-friendly activities. Pathways are paved, and an eight-foot-wide sidewalk encircles the entire area, which ensures ample space for two individuals in wheelchairs to comfortably pass one another. There are even strategically placed charging stations around the park for electric wheelchair users.

These charging stations offer more than just a power source; they are purposefully located next to games, ensuring that individuals waiting for their chairs to charge can engage in activities without interruption.

A thrilling Ninja Warrior course awaits teens and adults of all fitness levels seeking to challenge their athletic prowess. Additionally, the park boasts a dedicated area for music therapy, providing a unique opportunity for both children and adults to express themselves through the available chimes, metallophones, bells, and drums.

An innovation that is particularly impactful for this North Charleston playground is the use of double-insulated metal slides. These slides are crucial for individuals with cochlear implants, offering them the thrill of the slide without the static interference that often hampers their experience on plastic slides.

This park offers more than an incredible playground. It includes a farmers market pavilion, a nature garden, open green spaces, and walking trails. There is also a building with a flexible event space, theater room, and offices for workshops, classes, and meetings. South Carolina Federal sponsored a rehearsal studio inside the building that is available to rent via a reservation system.

"We are proud to support initiatives that celebrate diversity and promote inclusion," said Margaret Young, Vice President of Learning and Development at South Carolina Federal. "Witnessing the smiles and laughter of people with all abilities enjoying this space reaffirms our belief that communities thrive when everyone is given the opportunity to play, learn, and grow together."

We encourage our members and the community to visit Park Circle and experience the joy of inclusivity for themselves.