Find freedom with financial wellness

Welcome City of West Columbia and Town of Springdale employees!

Congratulations on taking the next step to finding freedom with financial wellness. At South Carolina Federal Credit Union, we are proud to serve as your local financial wellness resource. Our team in blue is available to chat during working hours whenever you need.

How much should you save to reach your goal? What does your credit report look like? How are you going to manage and prepare a budget? How do you go about buying your first car or home?

Arm yourself with the financial wellness information you need using the menu of resources below.

  • Calculators – Do you have enough life insurance or know your current net worth?
  • Saving – Whether you want to save for short term, long term, a rainy day, a major purchase or just a special vacation, South Carolina Federal can help you set and meet your savings goals.
  • Credit and Debt – Credit and debt are part of almost everyone's financial life and needs to be managed effectively. Avoiding costly mistakes and learning how to borrow wisely will help your financial future.
  • Youth and Money – Developing a foundation for good money management is vital for today's youth. We provide financial education tips and tools which provide a basis for money management and peace of mind for parents. We have a number of tools, calculators and articles to help you maximize your financial future.
  • Insurance – Life throws you a curve ball once in a while. Be prepared with the right type and amount of insurance to protect yourself, your family and possessions.
  • Investing – Whether you are just starting out or wondering if you should roll over that 401(k), there are calculators and articles to help you start or keep on track.
  • Retirement – Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) help you prepare for the future. In today's market, we know it takes planning. We have a number of tools, calculators and articles to help you maximize your financial future.
  • Budgeting – Everyone needs a budget, whether they have a lot of money or a little money. It’s pretty simple: you need to know how much money you have and how much you will earn in order to make smart decisions about how you will spend.
  • Personal Security – Keeping you and your money safe is one of South Carolina Federal’s top priorities. Whether you are concerned about online security or steps you can take to keep your money safe, you'll find help here. We'll cover tips for ways to avoid identity theft, visiting the ATM and more.

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