Article: Turn Extra Time into Cash

Plan & Learn: Saving

Perhaps you're thinking you'd like to make a few bucks this summer. Ask yourself: What do I most enjoy doing? What am I good at? Here's a start:
  • Love animals? Provide a dog-walking or pet-bathing service, or be a pet-sitter for people on vacation.
  • Are you a party person? Launch a birthday party planning service. Services might include sending invitations, decorating, leading party games, and helping with food service and cleanup.
  • Are you a good learner? Maybe you'd be an excellent teacher, too. Start a tutoring service to help younger kids over the summer.
  • Have a knack for arts and crafts? Make and sell jewelry, stuffed animals, greeting cards, and t-shirts.
  • Like to be on the move? Run errands for people who are too busy or physically unable to shop or go to the library.

A key to success is to get the word out about your services or products. Develop a good-looking flyer--one that will make a strong first impression with people who haven't met you. Post it on bulletin boards in neighborhood grocery stores and library branches.

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