Password Change

After the upgrade on January 27, you must follow these simple instructions to log-in to the new Online Banking System:

  1. Enter your current Online Banking user name in the user ID field.
  2. Follow the password information we sent you via USPS mail and/or email.
  3. Change your password as prompted using the required number of characters, letters and numbers to create a password you can remember.
  4. Follow the additional multi-factor authentication security prompts that may include challenge questions, text messages or phone calls for account access.

Download the New App

With the new Online Banking system comes a new app. After you log in to Online Banking on your computer, download the new app from Apple or Google Play and delete the old one. Note: You must log-in to online banking on a desktop or laptop before you attempt to log-in via a phone or tablet app. The previous app will show an error message if you attempt to use it.

Reactivating Your South Carolina Federal Accounts for Quicken, QuickBooks, and Mint

South Carolina Federal Credit Union has upgraded our Online Banking system. If you are a member who uses Quicken (Mac or Windows), Quickbooks (Mac or Windows), Quickbooks Online, or Mint, you must follow the instructions below to reactivate your South Carolina Federal accounts.

Quicken -- All versions of Quicken should now work. Members must deactivate all South Carolina Federal accounts before trying to reactivate any of the accounts. Please refrain from reactivating your South Carolina Federal credit card; this data is not available for export at this time. Additionally, please perform a backup prior to making any changes. 

QuickBooks -- QuickBooks should work as of Friday, Feb. 13.

Specific update instructions by product are available below.


What's New in Online Banking 2015

  • New Look - A simplified, cleaner look with fewer interruptions.
  • Popmoney®* - A new service that allows Bill Pay users to pay individuals by sending an email. It's similar to other person-to-person sites such as PayPal®.
  • Secure Messaging - During business hours, you may securely correspond with a Contact Center representative on account questions.
  • New App for Smartphones and Tablets - A new app will be required for Apple® and Android™ phones and tablets. After the upgrade, please take these simple steps to get started with the new app:
    1. Log in to Online Banking from your computer. This will also require setting a new password.
    2. Enroll your mobile device (click "Mobile" at the top right, then "My Devices").
    3. Select the accounts you want to have access to through Mobile Banking (from the Mobile menu, click "My Accounts").
    4. Download the new app. You will notice it has a new look, with a silver band outlining the blue background.
    5. You're ready to enjoy the new app!
  • Trends (also known as AllData PFM®) - Create and track budgets, add accounts from multiple financial institutions to get a birds-eye view of your financial picture, and more.

What's Staying the Same in Online Banking 2015

  • Bill Pay System – Your billers and payment history will transfer over to the new system, so there will be nothing new to set up.
  • Recurring Transfers – If you have automatic transfers set up they should transfer to the new system. Please double check your transfers after the upgrade.
  • Linked Accounts – If your account is linked to other member accounts, these relationships will remain the same, but may appear differently in the new system.
  • Text & Email Alerts – You will still be able to receive text and email alerts, but your current alerts will be deleted. Please set up new alerts after the upgrade.

What's Being Discontinued in Online Banking 2015

  • TurboTax -- The hyperlink to the TurboTax product will not be available within Online Banking 2015. If you have used TurboTax through Online Banking in the past, simply visit to access your information for this year's taxes.
  • FinanceWorks™ – Our current Personal Financial Management (PFM) software, FinanceWorks, will be discontinued. The new system features a new, more user-friendly system called AllData PFM (also known as Trends) that will help you with budgeting, savings and aggregating all your accounts from different financial institutions. You may download your 2014 data from FinanceWorks prior to the upgrade.
  • Simple Perks – SimplePerks has been discontinued, effective December 15, 2014. The offers you have selected will remain valid as described in the offer; however, they will not be presented to you within Online Banking. Please take advantage of your current offers soon. Once redeemed, you will receive your incentives in approximately 30 days.
  • Remote Deposit Home Scanning – You will no longer be able to deposit checks to your accounts via home scanner. However, the South Carolina Federal app on your smart phone or tablet will still support this feature.

* There are fees associated with this service.

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