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When you have questions about your South Carolina Federal Credit Union accounts or our products and services, start here. We compiled the questions we receive most frequently from members so you can quickly find valuable information. If you need more assistance, please contact us. We are always happy to help.


If you have registered for Online Banking, you are automatically enrolled in eStatements.
  • To discontinue eStatements/eNotices, in Online Banking, click on desired account (i.e. savings or checking account).
  • Click on "Statements".

  • Click on "Continue".

  • Click on "Settings".

  • Check the box under “Discontinue” and click "Submit".

After you complete the above steps, eStatements/eNotices will be canceled, and you will resume receiving paper statements through U.S. Mail. This affects ONLY eStatements/eNotices and does not affect your actual account access.

If you do not elect to receive eStatements, you may be charged a monthly fee. Please refer to the Fee Schedule for details.

  • To resume eStatements/eNotices, in Online Banking, click on desired account (i.e. savings or checking account).
  • Click on "Online Statements".

  • Click on "Continue".

  • Check the box under "Resume" and hit "Submit."
  • Please read over the “SOUTH CAROLINA FEDERAL CREDIT UNION ELECTRONIC STATEMENT ("eStatements/eNotices") AND DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT” and click “Yes” or “No.”

  • If you click “Yes,” you are signed up to resume eStatements/eNotices.

After completing these steps, your next periodic statement will be sent electronically, and you will be notified by email when the next statement is available.

  • Savings dividends (1099 INT): You can find this inside Online Banking. Just click on your savings account, then "Online Statements" to find your tax document. Please note that if you are enrolled in eStatements, it will not be mailed to you. You will only be issued this form if you received dividends over $10.
  • Mortgage (1098): You can find this form inside Online Banking. Select the mortgage account, "Statements," and choose the 1098 form from the drop-down menu.
  • South Carolina Federal Investment Solutions, through CFS1: If you work with an Investment Solutions financial advisor, you can find your tax form in your online account.
These types of documents will be automatically mailed to members when applicable:
  • Reportable withdrawals from Traditional or Roth IRAs (1099R)
  • Reportable withdrawals from Coverdell IRAs (1099Q)
  • Reportable contributions to an IRA (5498)
  • Reportable contributions or rollovers to an Education Savings Account (5498 ESA)
You will only be able to view eStatements for the account that you are signed into on Online Banking.
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