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Protect Your Computer

By using these tips you can help protect your identity while on your computer.

Keep your Internet browser up-to-date
Not all web browsers read website codes the same way, and if you are experiencing problems; first check to make sure you are using the most current version of your preferred web browser. Popular web browsers include: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. A good web browser can be made up of these factors: speed, simplicity and security. You want to have a web browser that will be able to load webpages quickly, no matter what the content is. A browser should also be simple and easy to use. And lastly browsers should be very secure, because if you don’t secure your web browser it can lead to a variety of computer problems.

Safeguarding Your Password
  • Establish a password at least eight characters long.
  • Make it something you can easily remember, but difficult for someone to guess.
  • Use a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • Change your password periodically.
  • Give out your password to anyone, especially if prompted by an email or phone request.
  • Write it down in any accessible place.
  • Make it something that can be easily guessed – birthdays, kids’ names or pets’ names.
  • Make it your name or part of your SSN.
  • Have the same password for all accounts

Helpful Hints
  • Create an acrostic from the letters of a phrase. For example, “I have too many passwords to remember!” could be a password of “Ih2Mp2r!”. If you have to change the password with some frequency, use the password phrase and the numbers representing the month and year, “Ih2Mp2r!0612”
  • Make up a nonsense word from pronounceable syllables, for example: a. NUKARGO (new-car-go) b. BLUSKYDAY (blue-sky-day)
  • Use special characters #, $, and @ with numbers to form pronounceable passwords: A. I81#ofF@ (I ate one pound of fat.) B. $$Talks2 (Money talks, too.)

Online Banking

A South Carolina Federal Credit Union representative will assist you in the process. To enroll, please visit one of our financial centers or call our Contact Center:

  • 843.797.8300  (Charleston)
  • 803.738.8300  (Columbia)
  • 843.545.8300  (Georgetown)
  • 800.845.0432  (Nationwide)

Forgot your User ID?

Please call our Contact Center for assistance:

  • 843.797.8300  (Charleston)
  • 803.738.8300  (Columbia)
  • 843.545.8300  (Georgetown)
  • 800.845.0432  (Nationwide)