Fee Schedule

Fees effective as of September 11, 2019

Checking Fees Fees
Simple Checking $5.00/month if qualifying relationship is not met. Waived for accounts opened 30 days or less
Premium Checking $10.00/month if qualifying relationship is not met. Waived for accounts opened 30 days or less
Share Savings Fees
Low Balance $5.00/month, if average daily balance is less than $100 2
Account Withdrawal Fee $4.00/withdrawal, if more than three (3) per month
Account Service Fee $5.00/month. Waived for eStatement users, accounts opened 90 days or less, members age 18 and younger or members born on or before January 1, 1963 1
Christmas Club & MY Whatever Savings Fees
Account Withdrawal Fee $4.00/withdrawal, if more than four (4) per year
Money Market Fees
Low Balance Fee $10.00/month, if daily balance ($1,000) requirement is not met
Account Withdrawal Fee $10.00/withdrawal, if more than six (6) per month
Safe Deposit Box Annual Rental Fees
5 x 5 Size $52.00/year
3 x 5 Size $36.00/year
3 x 10 Size $55.00/year
5 x 10 Size $76.00/year
10 x 10 Size $127.00/year
Change of Locks $125.00/lock
Premium Checking Member $20.00/year discount on any box size
Drilling of Boxes $125.00/box
Account Fees
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)

$36.00/item 3

Negative Balance $5.00/day after fifth day 5
Courtesy Pay

$36.00/item 4

Returned Deposit Item $12.00/item
Stop Payment $35.00/request
Stop Payment Delete Fee $12.00/request
Check Printing Prices vary depending upon style
Foreign Item Deposit (U.S. Dollars) $5.00/item
Overdraft Transfer Fee $4.00/share or checking account overdraft transfer
Foreign Item Deposit (Other) $10.00/item plus exchange
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Fees
External Transfer Fee $2.00 per outgoing transfer
Foreign ATM Withdrawal/Transfer Fee $2.50 per withdrawal/transfer ~ waived for Premium Checking
Other Service Fees Other Service Fees
Account Reconciliation $10.00/half hour; $10 minimum charge
Account Research $11.00/half hour; $11 minimum charge
Verification of Deposit $15.00 /request
Statement Copy $5.00/copy
Wire Transfer (Incoming) $10.00/transfer
Wire Transfer (Outgoing) $30.00/transfer
Dormant Account $10.00/month after 6 months ~ no fee for members under the age of 18
Check Cashing $3.00 per item
Cashier's Check $10.00/check ~ waived for Premium Checking
Invalid ATM Deposit $35.00/deposit
Bad Address $5.00/month after two (2) consecutive months
Account Closing $25.00 if closed within 90 days of opening
Speedpay Inquire for current fee
Debit Card Replacement Fee $6.00/card ~ waived for Premium Checking
Bill Pay Fees
Stop Payment $35.00/request
Overnight Check $13.00/check
Same Day Bill Pay (Payment deliver options may vary from biller to biller.) $8.00/item
NSF $36.00/item
Bill Pay Registered Self-Service Checking Non-Usage Fee $5.00/for every month that zero bills are paid through Bill Pay
Non-Member Fees Non-Member Fees
Replacement Check $5.00/check
Cashing South Carolina Federal Checks $5.00/check
Coin Counter 8% of cash value
ATM Surcharge $3.00/transaction for using foreign cards in South Carolina Federal machines
Share Value Share Value
Par Value of One Share $5.00