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Should I live on or off campus?

Before deciding on room and board options when attending college, it may help to itemize and project expenses. These expenses will vary depending on whether you will commute from home, stay on campus or rent an apartment off campus. Use this calculator to help determine costs associated with these alternatives.

Number of years until college
Estimated annual inflation rate: (%)
Number of months expenses incurred each year
At HomeOn CampusOff Campus
Cell phone
College activity fees
Computer equipment
Food: (meals)
Food: (snacks)
Furnishings: (one-time)
Furnishings: (monthly rental)
Health: (insurance, copays, prescriptions)
Housing: (cable)
Housing: (renter's insurance)
Housing: (utilities)
Housing: (rent)
Housing: (one-time deposit)
Internet access
Memberships: (gym, sports, etc)
Parking fees
Personal (haircuts, household items, etc.)
Transportation: (gas)
Transportation: (insurance)
Transportation: (maintenance)
Transportation: (payments)
Travel expenses
Utilities deposit: (one-time)

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