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Bill Pay Enhancements

Thursday, August 30, 2012

South Carolina Federal Credit Union launched the following enhancements to Bill Pay on Aug. 29, 2012:


One-Click Multi E-Bill Activation: You can easily select multiple billers that you wish to receive E-Bill from, supply any authentication required by the biller(s), and then submit the request with a single click.


Improved E-Bill Signup During Payee Add: When adding a biller, you can opt-in to receive an E-Bill instead of a mailed bill.


New AutoPay (Recurring Payment Schedule) Options for E-Bill:


      • You can now choose the amount to automatically pay, including the amount due (default), the minimum due or the statement balance.
      • You can choose a payment date from one to five days prior to the due date on the E-Bill.
      • You can choose whether or not you would like to receive notifications regarding the payment.


Real-time Biller Account Number Validation: The real-time account number validation will help ensure you are entering the correct account number, allowing more payments to be made to billers electronically instead of being made via check, which in many cases occurs when the account number does not match what the biller is expecting.


Un-submitted Payment Warning: A warning message will appear if you leave the Payment Center after entering a Payment Amount or if you leave the Payment Review page before the final submission of the payment.


Online Banking Enrollment

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