Adulting is hard. Trust us. We know.

Managing your finances with our mobile app* is easy and convenient.

Being an adult comes with its fair share of difficulties. But managing your finances doesn’t have to be one of them.

With South Carolina Federal Credit Union's mobile banking app, you can check your balance, pay bills, deposit checks, split a check, and more. Make adulting easy with our mobile app.

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Adulting 101

Adulting is hard. Checking your balance with our mobile app is easy.

  1. Download our mobile app by searching "South Carolina Federal" in the Apple® App Store or Google™ Play Store.

  2. Log in using your user name and password.

  3. Enable "Instant Balance" by navigating to "More," then "Instant Balance Settings." The next time you log in, you'll be able to view your balance without logging in by selecting "Instant Balance."

* Message and data rates may apply.

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What Our Members Are Saying*

"I love this app! It's truly helped to make keeping up with my finances easy! Thanks!"

"Mobile app is so easy to use, great customer service."

"Always great service in the offices and the app is very user friendly."

"Love you all, great credit union, love website and app."

"Great app."

"Easy app functions and convenient locations."

"I’ve just discovered Popmoney. Between that and bill pay I should be able to pay completely through the banking app."

"Everyone has been extremely helpful, convenient locations and ATMs, easy to navigate the phone app and online bill pay."

"Good service, easy mobile app."

"The staff are wonderful, the app is very helpful & easy to use."

"Website is easy to navigate. The App I have on my phone, I feel the same way."

* Comments are from survey responses.