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How to Activate Text Banking

Thank you for you interest in Text Banking.  We have broken down the activation process into 10 easy steps.  We have provided instructions to help guide you in the activation process.
  1. Log into Online Banking
  2. Under the “Account Access” tab select “Mobile Banking and Alerts
  3. Select “Text Banking”
  4. Select “Activate”
  5. Add the phone number that you would like to receive text messages on and select “next”
  6. An activation code will be sent to the cell phone number you selected, once received enter the activation code in the box provided and select “next”
  7. Select your primary account for which you would like to receive most information
  8. Select the transfer source account that you would like to transfer funds FROM.
  9. Select the text alerts you would like to receive or leave them blank
  10. Select Finish! You may now start using text banking on your phone

Online Banking Enrollment

Enrolling in Online Banking is simple and FREE:

  1. Enter your User ID
  2. Enter Phone Banking PIN as your Password
  3. Click on the LOG IN button

If you don't know your Phone Banking PIN, please contact us at 843.797.8300 (Charleston) or 800.845.0432 (Nationwide).