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Guide to the Online Banking

Thank you for your interest in Online Banking.  This is a summary of what you will see when you first log in to Online Banking. 


Online Banking Overview

Welcome to Online Banking - where you can do your everyday money management tasks quickly and easily all in one place. In fact, we've brought together the tools needed to perform your most common daily tasks without ever leaving the page. You can:

  • Check your account balances
  • Look for recently cleared and pending transactions
  • Move money between accounts
  • Find and use Simple Perks program offers
  • See how you are spending your money
  • Jump to Bill Pay with ease

So instead of switching between Account Summary, Account History, Transfer Funds and other pages, you can take action right there on one page. You might think of it as your money management control panel.

Online Banking overview screenshot

My Accounts Section

The My Accounts section in the upper left area has all of your accounts categorized by type (Deposit, Savings, Loans, etc.) and shows up-to-the-minute balance and available balance for each account. This is where you can also make a transfer, make a payment, view your sending trends, and view your Simple Perks offers if they are available.

In the upper-right portion of My Accounts you will find the Make a transfer icon and link that enables you to make a one-time funds transfer between your accounts and much more. To view the most recent activity for any account, click the Quick peek link. Clicking Quick peek opens a new window that shows the most recent transactions or payment activity for the account along with links to Make a transfer and Go to account history.


My accounts screenshot

Make a Transfer Section

This is where you can easily move money between your accounts. Just select the Make a transfer button or you can choose from the "Move Money" drop-down menu option to make a one-time transfer between your accounts. You can also transfer funds to make a credit card payment or a loan payment. If there are any restrictions on the number of transfers allowed per month, it will be indicated in a message displayed below the To or From field (or both).

Selecting the Make a transfer button opens the Move Money window above the My Accounts list. Just enter the amount, select the transfer To and From accounts and add a memo if needed, then click the Transfer button and confirm the transfer details and you're done. Transactions now post immediately when you complete a transfer. This means that the page will automatically refresh (to get the new account balances) when you close the transfers success window.

NOTE: If you are making a credit card or loan payment, additional fields may be available to enter the required information. If available, additional options for scheduled recurring transfers.

Enter the amount, select the to and from accounts for the transfer, then click the Transfer button, confirm the transfer details and you're done

Make transfer screenshot

When you click Yes a confirmation message will appear above the transfer fields if it is successful (as shown below) or an error message will display if it is not. If an error message appears, you will be directed what to do next. You can click on the More transfer options link to go to your regular Transfers page where you can set up scheduled transfers or wire transfers.

Transfer confirm screenshot

NOTE: If you have a limit on the number of transfers you can perform in a month or if the transfer will incur a fee, this information will be displayed below the entry fields.

Transfer successful screenshot

Simple Perks Section

This is where you find how many new and existing offers you have for each eligible account along with the Simple Perks amount that has been earned so far this month. If an account is eligible for the Simple Perks program and offers are available for that account, offers will appear on the Simple Perks program summary page.

When you click on an offer link that adds the offer to the debit card associated with the account. Then when you shop at the sponsoring merchant and you sign for the transaction using your debit card, you earn the perk.

You can also click on "All offers and options" on the right-hand side to open the Simple Perks program summary page and view all of your new and current offers and then see how much you have earned. All of your new offers for that account are in the CLICK column, all offers that are currently on the card are in the SHOP column and you can see how much you have earned in the ENJOY column.

View My Spending Section

If you are a FinanceWorks user, the pie chart shows all of your spending trends with a summary of your transactions for the past 30 days, categorized and broken out as totals and percentages. You can click on any section of the pie to see a complete list of transactions for the selected category.

If you are not yet a FinanceWorks user, you will instead see a message encouraging you to try FinanceWorks. Just click the link below the message to go to FinanceWorks and get started.

Help View Spending Financeworks

The categories are listed in a legend next to the chart and show the total value and percentage of the total amount. Please be aware that only Personal spending categories – and NOT those categorized as Business expenses – will appear in the spending chart.

Resting or hovering your mouse over one of the pie slices displays the category name, total amount and percentage in a pop-up, as seen below.

View Spending Category when Hovering

Now click the slice to refresh the chart and show the transactions that make up that category as pie slices and legend information. When you want to see all the main categories again, just click the All Categories link above the chart.

View Spending Detail

If you are not yet a FinanceWorks user, instead of seeing the spending pie chart a message will encourage to try FinanceWorks. Just click the link below the message to go to FinanceWorks and get started.

Make a Payment Section

If you are already using Bill Pay in Online Banking, you can schedule a one-time payment using the Bill Pay widget. If you are not yet a Bill Pay user, the Make a Payment section will display a message about paying bills online. Just click the Go to payments link below the message to go to the Bill Pay enrollment page.

The Make a Payment section will display a message about paying your bills online. Just click the Go to Bill Pay link below the message to go to the
 Bill Pay enrollment page.

Make a Payment screenshot

Online Banking

A South Carolina Federal Credit Union representative will assist you in the process. To enroll, please visit one of our financial centers or call our Contact Center:

  • 843.797.8300  (Charleston)
  • 803.738.8300  (Columbia)
  • 843.545.8300  (Georgetown)
  • 800.845.0432  (Nationwide)

Forgot your User ID?

Please call our Contact Center for assistance:

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  • 803.738.8300  (Columbia)
  • 843.545.8300  (Georgetown)
  • 800.845.0432  (Nationwide)