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How to Register for Online Banking

Thank you for your interest in Online Banking.  We have broken down the registration process into 5 easy steps.  We have provided instructions and sample screen shots to help guide you in the registration process.


Step 1: Log In

Log In

Within the "Online Banking" area on each page of our website you will see the User ID and Password field. If you have never registered, you can begin by entering your account number in the "User ID" field and your Phone Banking PIN in the "Password" field. If you don't have a Phone Banking PIN, use the last 4 digits of the main account holder’s Social Security Number.

 Online Banking Login area

Step 2: Review Disclosures

You will need to review the disclosures for Online Banking and for eStatements to proceed. Once reviewed you can click either the "Accept" or "Reject" button. If you Accept, you will move on to Step 3.

 Online Banking Disclosures


Step 3: Change your Password

Once you have reviewed and accepted the Online Banking disclosures, you can change your password. We have some handy password tips to help, but be sure to remember the password you create. Please note the Online Banking password requirements on the screen as you will need to meet these requirements before moving to the next step.

Once you have entered in your current password once and your new password twice, you can click "Continue." 

Online Banking Registration Password Change


Once you continue, you will be prompted with a confirmation page.

Online Banking Change Confirmation Page


Step 4: Create a User ID

Just like you did with your password, you will need to create a unique User ID to help keep your account secure. The User ID will need to meet particular requirements which are designed to maintain a safe experience. This User ID will be used when you login in the future. After you have entered the User ID twice, you can click "Accept" to move on to the next step.

 Online Banking Change User ID Screen


Once you continue, you will be prompted with a confirmation page.

Change User ID Confirmation Page


Step 5: Setup Security Settings

To ensure you security we also have what is called enhanced multi-factor authentication. Here's how it works. The login Security uses one-time passcode (OTP) technology to authenticate a user via text message or a voice to make sure it's really you that's accessing your online banking accounts. The OTP options you can select depend on the information provided during login security setup.


1. Review login information.
You will be prompt to meet the new security requirements for your username and password. If you already meet these requirements, you will be asked to review login information.

2. Update phone numbers.

  • Add up to two phone numbers to receive a one-time use passcode.
  • Select how you would like your one-time use passcode received, it can be sent by voice call or SMS text.
  • Enter one-time use passcode
  • Click Confirm

3. Finish verification
Registering the computer that you are using now:

  • Select this option if you do not want to validate every time you log in your current computer.
  • Instead, we will remember the computer the next time you attempt to log in.
  • Do not check this option if you are using a shared or public computer (i.e., Library computer or Internet café).

 Verify Identity screenshot 3


Online Banking

A South Carolina Federal Credit Union representative will assist you in the process. To enroll, please visit one of our financial centers or call our Contact Center:

  • 843.797.8300  (Charleston)
  • 803.738.8300  (Columbia)
  • 843.545.8300  (Georgetown)
  • 800.845.0432  (Nationwide)

Forgot your User ID?

Please call our Contact Center for assistance:

  • 843.797.8300  (Charleston)
  • 803.738.8300  (Columbia)
  • 843.545.8300  (Georgetown)
  • 800.845.0432  (Nationwide)