2018 Scholarship Winner


Veronica R.

I will be taking a commercial graphic design career path and intend to use my abilities to aid nonprofit organizations in South Carolina that assist disadvantaged people. Often these nonprofits need the skills of a professional to advertise their work and to recruit clients and funders. Having been aided by many of such agencies in the past, I relish the opportunity of paying it forward for others in need. As a supporter of the Clemente Course program at Trident Technical College and of Bliss Spiritual Co-op in Mount Pleasant, I am already actively involved in community service. In addition, I assist the Florence Crittenton teen program, the Windwood Farm Home for Children, and Neighborhood House. As the president of Clemente Coalition, I have organized and implemented a blanket drive for the Neighborhood House, a book drive for the library at MacDougall Correctional Center, and a food drive for the TTC Grocery Vault. I even work every week in the Phi Theta Kappa Grocery Vault at the Palmer Campus. There I stock, inventory, and dispense approximately $40 of free groceries to any student in need. Thus, it can be seen that I am already aiding nonprofits by using my design, marketing, advertising and group project development skills on a micro level. The graphic design degree path will prepare me to take my skills to the next level for my fellow South Carolinians. This course of study teaches in depth computer graphics, photography, publishing, media, visual arts business, and public speaking. All of these areas can help me reach my future goals of assisting marginalized people in South Carolina. I would also like to help the Clemente Course Program at Trident Technical College. The program recently lost its largest funder when the theatre professor, who directed a play each year for Clemente, retired. For the last thirteen years, Dr. Sharon Willis donated the profits from her plays to Clemente. Last year alone, Dr. Willis raised $13,000 for Clemente from ticket sales, a sum which represents one half of the program’s yearly operating budget. I plan to create new events, exclusively at my business, that will bring donations to this program, which benefits disadvantaged adults, so they may receive free college courses, books and meals. My degree will give me a repository of knowledge to put toward all nonprofits I work with now so that these organizations might continue serving people in need. I know that I can do more to serve this community and sense that there is no limit to what I can accomplish with my talents. South Carolina needs to show the world that it cares what happens to its people and needs to strive towards the eradication of hunger and homelessness. Everyone deserves a chance to start over, the ability to go to school, and the opportunity to overcome. Everyone deserves to know someone cares.