2018 Scholarship Winner


Jeremy C.

I plan to attend a four-year institution and study Mechanical Engineering. Because of my love of technology, I will pursue a minor in Technology Engineering. Upon completion of my undergraduate studies, I plan to attend Clemson University’s International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR) to obtain my Master’s Degree in Automotive Engineering. CU-ICAR has the nation’s only graduate department of Automotive Engineering and I look forward to participating in their innovative research and educational program that focuses on the vehicle and its infrastructure.   My desire is to contribute to the advancement, manufacturing, performance and safety of automobiles. Features we never dreamed of are now available in automobiles such as maximum gas efficient engines, sensors that learn the driver’s driving style and detect when the driver is too tired to drive, brakes and cameras that automatically keep the driver in the center of the lane, and so much more. I plan to play a major role and contribute to additional technological advancements within the automotive industry. Through my course of study, I will learn skills that will benefit the state of South Carolina and enrich the lives of our residents. With automotive industries relocating to southern states, South Carolina has the potential to benefit. South Carolina is fortunate to have companies such as BMW, Volvo, and Boeing who have invested millions of dollars in our state. However, more companies are expanding in areas around us such as Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and Kentucky. I recognize the importance of the automotive industry to South Carolina’s economy and am optimistic that we can offer automotive companies a reason to locate here. With my acquired education and skill, I will promote innovation and help to advance research and development. This will help as the South Carolina Automotive Council (SCAC) works to attract automotive industries to South Carolina. By providing cutting-edge research in South Carolina, more automotive industries, as well as other industries, will be inclined to locate here. When automotive companies establish manufacturing facilities in our state, their partnering suppliers will locate here as well. Equivalent to enhancing the economy, community service is vital to the state of South Carolina. Individuals and organizations are needed in order to improve the quality of life for our residents. While obtaining my education, I anticipate enhancing my communications, leadership and teamwork skills, which will increase my ability to effectively and efficiently serve my community. Even now, I support my local community and participate in various community service projects. It is very important that I acquire additional skill that will help me give back to a community that has provided so many opportunities for me. I plan to use my education and skills acquired to better the state of South Carolina. By building on communities, we build our state. Economics, education, health, and service are all components that must be acquired in order to provide a secure and stable South Carolina.