2018 Scholarship Winner


Emma S.

I have recently found that math is a subject I particularly enjoy. Finding solutions to challenging problems is rewarding and useful. I am considering focusing on the statistical side of the subject in a career of quantitative economics or actuarial science so that I can contribute in the financial sector. Working in the financial sector of South Carolina companies or Government entities would not only provide opportunities to build a career for myself but also allow me to contribute to the economic development and the conservation and sustainability of resources in the state of South Carolina. By pursuing a career in finance, I would be able to contribute to the economic development within the state of South Carolina. Financial systems facilitate not only the exchange of goods and services but also diversify the economy. Through statistics, I would be able to influence investment ranging from big corporations to the individual citizen, helping to stimulate economic growth within the state. By managing investments and promoting growth, more employment opportunities would become available, overall creating a more prosperous economy. As the economy improves in South Carolina, citizens will benefit from new jobs, creating an environment of low unemployment as well as less poverty. A career in finance would also allow me to contribute to the conservation and sustainability of resources in South Carolina. By connecting statistics with the issue of environmental sustainability, I would be able to impact the preservation of our environment and make our community a better place to live. Many public sectors that advocate for the environment rely on financial experts and analysts to assist in decisions and investments. Analyzing the trends and probabilities of present issues and resource usage would assist companies in their decisions to make choices not only for their benefit but for sustainability purposes as well. Also, the economics associated with the financial sector will allow for more circulation of money in South Carolina. This could ultimately be used towards the funding of environmental protection services, overall improving the impact of big businesses on the environment and the quality of life for the average citizen. By ensuring environmental sustainability, South Carolina will not only remain a beautiful and clean state, but also see rapid economic growth and development in the future. By applying a knowledge of statistics to a career in the financial sector, I feel that I will have ample power to make an impact in South Carolina. I believe that this career path will open up new doors to a future of possibilities, leading to progress and innovation. By working with statistics, I will be able to contribute to the economic prosperity of the state and to the ultimate goal of sustainability.