2018 Bank at Work Scholarship Winner


Daniel D.

I have always wanted to become a teacher. Since I began elementary school, I have always admired my teachers. They have become such positive role models in my life and I stay in contact with them regularly. I was involved in the Teacher Cadet program in high school where I was able to shadow teachers in various classroom settings, along with student teaching in a second-grade and seventh-grade classroom. This experience along with my Student Volunteer program experience in high school were some of the most influential factors in the continuation of my pursuit in becoming a middle school educator. I am currently going into my second semester at the University of South Carolina where I am majoring in Middle Level Education (grades 5-8) with emphasis in English Language Arts and Social Studies. During my course of study, I will be involved in various field experiences in different classroom settings, along with many student teaching practicums. From these experiences, I plan to learn to adapt to student’s needs and ensure that every student is able to succeed. Upon graduation, I plan to remain in South Carolina and teach in a high-needs middle school. I plan to become a highly-qualified educator and work towards a Master’s degree, possibly in administration. While I plan to continuously grow and learn more from my student’s, I want to be able to make an impact in each of my student’s lives and be someone that they remember. I plan to become a role model in my classroom and school. My goal is to grow every single day and constantly learn what I can do to enrich the lives of students in South Carolina. I hope that I can help my students succeed and allow them to become productive members of South Carolina.