2018 Scholarship Winner


Braden B.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” This simple quote by Nelson Mandela outlines the importance and value of education. As Mandela argues, through education, goals are accomplished and progress is made. This fact is the supporting evidence that the most efficient way in which to better our state and enrich the lives of South Carolinians is through the power of education at a young age. In order for children to develop into rule abiding and successful citizens, it is crucial for them to be provided with a strong educational and social foundation. For this reason, I have chosen to pursue a degree in Early Childhood Education. My degree in Early Childhood Education will enable me to better our state and enrich the lives of South Carolinians by providing me with the skills needed to encourage and inspire students, educate them in unfamiliar areas of study, demonstrate equality and appreciation for diverse groups of people, emphasize the importance of hard work within students, and highlight the individuality and creativity of each child. Educators not only have the obligation of satisfying all of those requirements, but also have the unique opportunity of working first hand and one on one with future leaders of our state and country, directly impacting their lives and leading them on a path to success. I believe, considering today’s society and the current events occurring in the world, that the role of an educator has never been more important. It is crucial for teachers to be positive role models for children, by encouraging and pushing them to accomplish greatness inside and outside of the classroom. The positive impact made on a young child in elementary school influences the child for years to come and determines the quality of life he or she will possess. The affect teachers have on students goes far beyond the classroom and into the real world. The curriculum I will learn through this field of study will prepare me to positively affect the lives of children, throughout the state of South Carolina. Through the production of well-rounded students, society as a whole will reap the benefits. The students will inspire and motivate their peers to accomplish greatness, as well as make thoughtful and educated decisions, regarding the well-being of themselves and those around them. Education has the power to create future leaders, creators, and innovators who will enrich the lives of those around them and contribute to the betterment of South Carolina as a whole.