Say Hello to Your New ATMs!

We've heard you and changes are coming.

What does that mean for you?

We are replacing all our existing ATMs with brand new ATMs.

new ATMs

  • * The same LifeSimplified experience but with new and enhanced functionality and reliability. Best of both worlds!

  • * Customizable settings to simplify your future visits to South Carolina Federal ATMs.
     Prefer a Fast Cash withdrawal of $40 or a receipt emailed to you every time? No problem.

  • * New features including the ability to deposit multiple checks or bills at once. The days of having to insert multiple checks one by one are behind you.

  • * New, bright and bold colors to make the ATMs easy to spot and find.

We're working hard to limit the downtime you may experience while we replace the machines. Most of the time, an ATM will only be down for 48 hours while we install the new machine. Please make a note of ATM locations by using the ATMs & Locations option on our mobile banking app or the ATM and Financial Center Locations.

And remember, you can always visit to locate any one of 55,000 surcharge-free ATMs in our nationwide network.

Thank you for your business and patience. We appreciate our members and strive to anticipate and provide simple solutions for your financial needs.

*Insured by NCUA